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12+ Years Experience As A Business Systems Consultant and Strategist. Building and Optimizing Internet Presence and Profitability for Global Brands. Enterprise Software. Use Cases. Business Process Flows. Systems Integration.

Christina has a UNIQUE skill set that will truly benefit your business. She is a tech-savvy digital marketing strategist, who understands copywriting, customer journeys, consumer psychology, landing page design, traffic sources, marketing funnels and conversion rate optimization. Here are some of the companies that Christina has worked with in Northern Virginia.

Committed To Excellence

We work with executives, entrepreneurs and experts....just like you!

"Christina Haftman is someone that I have been able to trust on multiple occasions to provide high quality analysis and thorough research for various social media platforms that our company was considering. Her ability to come up with cutting edge social media strategies for medium to large businesses is a talent that sets her apart from everyone else. She has proven her ability to save our company thousands of dollars in potentially wasteful spending, while at the same time helping to create system to dramatically improve our net revenues. I highly recommend Christina as a social media strategist and business analyst!"

Chris Record
Internet Business Marketing Strategist and Serial Entrepreneur

"I have been providing live B2B trainings for a decade, and for the last 6 years have been trying to develop an on-line course division. It has been frustrating and those that I hired could not deliver a high degree of professionalism. I was going nowhere. Until I met Christina Haftman. Christina has created an amazingly professional on-line business for my company using the Kajabi platform. Her skills to get things done beautifully and quickly are efficient. Her dedication to problem solve (my product is a bit demanding and sometimes falls outside the standard) by working with Kajabi technical support is admirable. Her dedication to fully understanding each Kajabi upgrade as it is released is amazing. Her insight at an overall plan of Kajabi based course development and marketing systems blows my non-technical mind. Her strategic marketing knowledge base and natural marketing intelligence will catapult my success. And most of all, she is kind, sweet, available, pleasant and easy to work with, and does not react to my sometimes-unreasonable demands. We are launching my first course this week, and with many more to follow, I would be foolish to work with anyone but Christina from now on. I recommend Christina without reservation to a newbie or an experienced Kajabi marketer that wants to go to the next level. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions."

Dr. Barry Carlin
President, Best Performance Systems

"One word for Christinas performance.....OUTSTANDING! Christina assisted my company from the ground level of its very humble beginnings. She provided unparalleled expertise in product sourcing within the Kajabi platform. She constructed our platform and also assisted us with the neccessary consultation we needed to make wise decisions to our target audience. Thank You Christina!"

Judon Cherry
IABPFF Nationwide Firefighter Recruiting

"Christina is very knowledgeable about technology on both a conceptual and practical level. She has a wealth of experience and a real passion for the industry."

Jason Hartman
CEO, The Hartman Media Company

"Christina is a wealth of technical and marketing knowledge. We have been working together on a new online dispute resolution platform, and she can always be counted on to give great suggestions based on her years of experience in enterprise software development. She is an enthusiastic, passionate professional who is a pleasure to work with."

Deborah Bayles
Technology Marketing, Education and Healthcare Professional

"Christina knows her stuff and has helped my company take an idea and implement it into an online product. Christina has the rare combination of expertise and ability to get things moving!"

Andy Hudson
President at Step Strategic Marketing

"Great working with Christina! We created online courses for Upper Body, Lower Body, Spine and Extremities. She made things easy for us since we knew very little about Kajabi going in. Patient, thorough and talented."

Dr. Mark King
President, Mt. Lookout Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center

"Christina was a pleasure to work with. Her client-friendly, focused, methodical approach to problem-solving was very effective."

Nawed Shaikh
Program Manager at Affinity eSolutions

"As the Senior Technical Recruiter for The Analysis Corporation’s IT division, I had the privilege of hiring and working with Christina. She was assigned to support a federal project known for its fast pace, demanding schedule and frequently changing requirements. Her astute analysis and technical aptitude soon won her credibility in a very challenging environment. Coupled with her warm personality, she was able to work effectively with stakeholders at all levels. She was gladly willing to support other projects when help was needed and work extra hours to get the job done. She was often praised by her team-mates and managers. I enjoyed working with her, recommend her highly and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again."

Norris Hanes
IT Recruiter for Cybersecurity Professionals

"Christina joined our JSS project team as a senior business analyst, but it was apparent early in her involvement that her experience and education had the potential to EXPAND our idea of what the system could accomplish for its stakeholders. Her clearheaded recommendations sparked our venture into social media, and her knowledge of technology and marketing was invaluable to our early attempts at engaging an audience that may otherwise have looked the other way. When it comes to building a strong bridge between communications, marketing, and technology, Christina is an asset."

Venessa Kelley
JSS Website Development and Marketing for the National Guard

"Christina has a great heart and personality and will always make excellent, simple recommendations that will easily improve any project she is consulting on. She's well educated, and knows what she's talking about. Christina is a person of high integrity."

Cory Shanes
Serial Entrepreneur and Online Business Consultant

"Christina is truly an expert in the social media field. Whether it's developing a social media strategy for a company or brainstorming marketing ideas for fun, Christina always has valuable input and extremely creative ideas. Christina is one of the most "Go Giving" people I have ever met. If I'm ever stuck on a problem, I know I can call Christina and she will help me come up with a solution. I truly believe that any client in any industry would be privileged to work with Christina and that their social media efforts would be successful as long as they put the strategies that Christina creates in place."

Meghann Conter
Marketing Consultant in Denver, Colorado

"I had the brief pleasure of working with Christina on a project when we were colleagues with Oracle Corporation. She possessed the PROFESSIONALISM and the ability to navigate within a very delicate project while delivering on the requirements necessary to keep the project moving forward. I was also very impressed with her willingness to assist others and her patience to project details. I enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her for any future opportunities."

David Hsu
Information Security at Freddie Mac

"Christina is extremely sharp and one of the top specialists in Social Media that I see around in today's date. Christina is always on top of social media, technology and she masters the art of implementing the same into marketing processes. This is what makes her lead the Social Media Strategy arena. I am privilege to know her and I never see a week pass by during which I do not learn anything new from her!"

Meetu Singhal
Business Systems Analyst

"I was always impressed by Christina's ENTHUSIASM and attitude amidst much chaos and a very challenging environment for a Federal client we both supported. She was always pushing to get the right things done for the right reasons, and had a clear focus on the client's success. Very solid."

Joel Fries
Director of Corporate Development, IntelliWare Systems

"Christina is highly knowledgable in technology, social media, and marketing and is adept at creating workable solutions for business growth and expansion of client bases and data management. She is a terrific person to have on any project, as she brings so much intelligence, technical skill, and drive to the table to move the project forward dynamically. "

Pam Supanick
Brand Representative and Corporate Trainer

"I have worked with Christina Haftman as a colleague. She is a very knowledgable and diligent worker. She would be an excellent asset to any team or project"

Neal Lancaster
Information Systems Security Officer at Unisys

"I can highly recommend Christina for a lot of things. I've worked with her and she shines in the strategy and implementation behind of Wordpress blogs, lead-capture pages, Infusionsoft, iTunes podcasts that use CREATIVE related keywords clients would not think to use, the creation and use of lead magnets, email marketing funnels for any industry. If she isn't familiar, she researches and finds the right content providers to make her strategies work like magic! She sets up and builds out private Facebook groups, plans and directs live webinars/replays, helps you set up group coaching and use all social media platforms and live streams the right way to deliver your message and build your audience and e-mail list. I strongly suggest you reach out to Christina and have a chat. See what she can bring to your table, which is A LOT!!! In short, if you want to get your message out to the world, call Christina. If you want to grow your passive income streams, connect with Christina. Her plans are well thought out and her strategies work. I know. I've SEEN them work!"

Sandra Rea
Ghostwriter Behind Many Best-Selling Books On Amazon

"Christina is my social media and entrepreneurship mentor. She has helped me rebrand myself and also helped me with my business Facebook Page, Wordpress blog, Twitter and Youtube accounts. She has taken a lot of time to help teach me social media skills so I can market myself and my business better. She has the great ability to FOCUS on things better than I've seen a lot of other people focus. She works very, very hard and is continually learning. She's the type of person that is always up late consuming knowledge/content. She's always looking for ways to improve herself and her performance and because of that I think she will succeed where others would normally fail."

Jason Burack
Founder and Financial Analyst, Wall Street For Main Street

"Christina shows determination and passion for her Kajabi projects. She is timely and goes above and beyond to address the needs of her clients."

Lisa Beres
CEO at Ron and Lisa

"Christina has been with Kajabi for so many years and has mastered the platform on how to best utilize it for her clients. I had the chance of working with her on several projects and all of her creation is not only beautiful but also optimized to achieve its goal."

Omar Leop
Kajabi Software Developer

"Christina is not only a consultant, Kajabi expert, and Marketing expert. She is also someone who CARES about your success. She is an expert on everything online business and marketing and she helps you on every aspect of it. Copywriting, landing pages, content and marketing strategies, lead generation and anything you need regarding your online business. She has helped me so much to succeed with my online business and I cannot thank her enough!"

Alex Morelli
Producer and Audio Engineer, Alex Morelli Music in NYC

Branding and Graphic Design

The Look. The Feel.
The Colors.  The Style.
How Do You Want To Represent Yourself To The World?
Brand Story
Brand Logo and Identity
Brand Awareness
Brand Affinity
Brand Enthusiasm
Brand Preference
Brand Loyalty

Define Your Target Audience

Who is your most ideal customer avatar? 
Age, Gender and Ethnicity 
Education and Income
Geographic Location 
Average Day
Vision and Values
Hobbies, Interests and Media
Marital Status, Children, Pets
Problems and Challenges
Fears, Frustrations and Friction
Goals and Objectives 
Common Objections

Grow Your Email List

Your e-mail list is the asset.

Effective lead generation strategies to grow and segment your email list.  Broadcast messages and follow up sequences to stay top of mind. 
Quizzes with TryInteract.
Quizzes with Outgrow.

Marketing Funnels and Metrics to Measure

Process flow diagrams that map out the entire customer lifecycle and online experience you want your website visitors to have. Emphasis on customer acquisition, cash flow with discounted annual billing, monthly recurring revenue and customer lifetime value. Knowing your numbers will determine your paid advertising budget. 

Explainer Videos

Eye-catching, entertaining animated videos that people can't help but watch!  As the story of your customer's problem unfolds, with the introduction of your product or service as the solution. 

Social Media Strategies

Understanding the context of the different platforms. Creating awareness, interest, like-ability, trust, engagement and two-way conversations.

Audit of Website and Landing Pages

Are you sending highly qualified paid traffic to a poorly-designed landing page?  If so, you are losing money.  Probably to Mark Zuckerberg!  We will audit your existing landing pages and optimize them for conversion.

We advise that you test what’s working with ORGANIC traffic, before scaling and using paid advertising to target specific personas inside your target audience.

Sketches, Wireframes, Mock-ups and Rapid Prototyping UX and UI

Are you an entrepreneur with a niche specific idea for a mobile app?  Let's work together to bring whatever you have sketched on paper or whiteboard to life! A high fidelity representation on an iOS screen, so that you can validate your idea with potential clients.  They will need to visualize it to give you feedback and determine if it is viable enough to begin looking for developer talent to build it.  This might even lead to early pre-sales to fund it!

Flow Charts

As we build our online business, we are building systems, processes and ultimately a user experience for the website visitor. With each use case, we want emphasize clarity and eliminate ambiguity.  We want to increase efficiency and eliminate any friction that would cause frustration. The fewest clicks to the desired outcome. Flow charts help illustrate scenarios. We identify the EXACT sequence of steps between the system and the user, decision points and error dialog.

Mind Mapping

The 1st thing we do when we have an IDEA for a new digital product is to schedule a block of uninterrupted time and create an outline. 
This helps us get organized and visualize things.  Everything is created twice. So we have to get it from our imagination into a collaborative tool...like a mind map.  What's nice is it's drag-and-drop....so we can easily edit it, if we want to add, delete or rearrange something!

Direct Response Copywriting

You might not know who Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy and John Carlton are, but we do!  And that's all that matters. 
Word choice matters and together, we will craft a message-to-market match.
Create Irresistible Offers
Consumer Psychology
Create/Deliver Your Lead Magnet
Lead Capture Pages
Opt In Forms
CTA buttons
Thank You Pages
Download Pages
Pre Purchase Upsells
Post Purchase Upsells

YouTube Channel Optimization

Okay...so you don't have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, millions of views and trolls comments to delete...yet!  You don't go to VidCON and if you did, nobody would recognize you.  But you DO want to start a YouTube channel or resurrect a neglected one.  We can help you associate the right keywords with your content to enhance your discoverability and add those attractive thumbnails that get noticed and clicked! 

Promotional Videos

This can be a montage video for social media which really work well for restaurants, real estate, public speakers and lifestyle/travel, food/fitness and clothes/jewelry brands. 
We can also help you create a "watch demo" video, an especially helpful asset to have top of funnel for SaaS software providers and startups.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Checklist of 30 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile.
This social media platform has attracted the most affluent and influential people.  Executive, entrepreneurs and experts , across every industry.

Kajabi Online Courses

Product-to-Market Fit
Course Outline and Development

Dropbox Integration
Content Upload of Videos, Audio And Documents

Create Surveys, Quizzes and Applications

Landing Page Design 
Sales Pages
Offer Checkout Pages
Lead Capture Pages
Webinar Registration Pages

Conversion Optimization 

Your Testimonials 
Your FAQs

Email Integration
Stripe and PayPal Integration
Zapier Integrations

24/7 Live Chat Widget

Kajabi Website

Audit Current Website
Upgrade Current Website
Your Blog 
Keywords and SEO
Affiliate Products 
Custom Domain
Cloudflare SSL Certificate
Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Terms and Privacy Policy


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